Life at Penn Croft Farm


Most of our alpacas love small carrots – especially the bags from Darrenkamps’ market. Our frequent visitors will sometimes bring them when they visit, and because carrots are like chocolate to the guys and girls, they will run from the furthest part of the pasture when we hold up a bag.

Speaking of visitors…

It is fun to share our love of all of our alpacas with our visitors. We often have people drop by with children, grandchildren, and friends. It’s neat to see them experience the joy of alpacas. They are always so thrilled to touch one and feed it treats. Visitors are always surprised we know each alpaca's name and that some alpacas also respond to their names. They are all quite unique to us in their looks and personalities. While we don’t have specific times for visiting our farm, it is always best to call ahead to set up a time that is convenient for you and the alpacas.

Evenings in the Pasture

Some of our best moments with alpacas have been at sunset in our pasture. In the summer the alpacas are thrilled the day has cooled so they come out of the barn and enjoy eating the grass in the pasture. That is a time to watch the crias play and sometimes at dusk, all of the alpacas get excited and start to pronk which means they jump and skip through the field.

We like to sit in the field and they always move towards us as they eat.  The little ones usually nose us out of curiosity.  It is a peaceful time on the farm.

A visit from The New Era

Early one morning when I was getting our daughter ready for school, there was a knock on the door.  I answered it and Richard Hertzler, a photographer from the Lancaster New Era (Lancaster’s daily newspaper) who had heard about our alpacas. He said that someone who lives near us told him about seeing our alpacas in the morning light each morning so he came to see it himself.

He spent almost an hour taking pictures. I asked if he would let us know if a picture would appear in the paper and he said to check that evening paper. I went to the New Danville Turkey Hill to buy a paper planning to take it to the car to page through and look for a photo. To my surprise our gelding Rusty was featured on the front page in a colored photo.